Necropolis Delayed, Console Ports Announced

Necropolis, which was originally slated for March, has been delayed until summer of this year. The reason? Console ports.

In a move that’s sure to disappoint PC consumers, Harebrained Schemes, the creators of Necropolis, have decided to release their title on Xbox One and PS4 simultaneously with the PC version. Here’s the statement that Studio Director Mitch Gitelman gave excited fans today:

“While I hate to slip our release date, I know from experience that doing a console release right adds a significant amount of dev work,” he says. “It’s work that had to start right away (because consoles require a lot more lead-time for certification) but we didn’t want the console work to shift our focus away from launching on PC. So we believe this is absolutely the right decision, and that the additional time will make for an even better Necropolis for consoles and for PC.”

Releasing games simultaneously across multiple platforms makes sense from a marketing perspective. It’s a smart move, but one that leaves PC gamers disappointed.


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