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Virtual Reality Arcade Coming To LA

Since the dawn of modern man, gamers have been chomping at the bit for a true Virtual Reality experience. We’ve come up with stopgaps to help satiate that desire, but no amount of laser tag or 40-button mech arcade machines will suffice.

Starbreeze Studios, the devs behind The Darkness and Syndicate are helping us to realize our VR fantasies. Codenamed “StarCade”, the new VR arcade will be appearing in Los Angeles in Spring/Summer of this year.

“We continue to iterate the fact that VR really needs to be experienced in person to fully be able to appreciate the phenomenon, and why not have your first experience in a real premium setting in our StarVR headset? We’ve managed to secure a prime location where people are welcome to step into our StarCade and enjoy our OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead VR experience.” said Starbreeze CTO Emmanuel Marquez. He continued, “We’re developing our own StarCade catalogue of experiences, but we’re open to any content. We will invite developers to join us and give them the opportunity to put their content in our StarCade. We as an industry continuously need to educate ourselves to make VR truly successful, and this is just the first step in our planning to do so.”

If third party VR developers hop on board, StarCade could become huge. VR headsets aren’t cheap, so having the opportunity to try actual games on actual headsets could help the fledgling industry expand quickly and effectively. This sort of snowball effect would lead to bigger, better and more defined experiences in the VR space. I, for one, am looking forward to how this is received by the gaming community and what sort of reception it has upon opening.


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