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30 Second Reviews! Shovel Knight

Welcome to 30 Second Reviews! The gameshow segment on our podcast. Every week Cody, Kyle and Jared alternate giving a 30 second review for any game they have ever played; but there’s a catch! They must cover

  • Synopsis
  • Graphics
  • Gameplay
  • Rating

The rating is given after the 30 seconds are up! The reviews are done live on the podcast (there is no pre-planning, it’s all in-the-moment) to ensure maximum hilarity and stress. The following entry is a direct speech-to-text translation of the podcast segment.

Cody Reviews Shovel Knight

“The story of Shovel Knight is that you and Shield Knight got separated, uh, by the enchantress and you and Shovel Knight must fight your way through multiple bosses oth- who are other knights and, um…uh, save…Shield Knight, shit I just lost a bunch of time…Uh, the graphics remind me straight up of like a Super Nintendo, Nintendo 8-bit like with bright colors, and like, uh..a…awesome soundtrack to go along with, like, the awesome visuals that…that are in the game. Aaand gameplay, you have just a couple of attacks, uh using your shovel, whether it be a down attack or a forward attack. I give the game…9 out of 10.”


Ouch! Cody took a whopping 34.8 seconds to finish his review. And, after the fact, he changed the final score to a 9.5/10. Better luck next time, Cody!


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