Titan Souls Review: Like A Boss

Titan Souls is pretty unique in that I haven’t ever been so eager to continue playing a game.

The best way to describe Titan Souls is challenging, minimally guided, David vs Goliath(s). You play as a man armed with nothing but a bow and your mind, and your mission is to rid the world of the Titans. You begin in a small tutorial, showing you how to use the only three things the game gives you, running, rolling, and your arrow. From that point on you are on your own. You will face four initial Titans in this first area, and if you manage to defeat them all you can begin the real challenge.

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Once you ascend the steps into the main hub you are free to navigate the world in any direction and order you so please. There are five areas in this hub: Lava, Ice, Forest, and Cemetery.

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I do not want to spoil anything in this great game, and because of that I will not say how to get to or beat any Titans. What I can say is this game is great fun. The graphics remind me of the games I played as a kid and each Titan has a very unique attack, and weak spot. Not to mention how different they all look. I have many good things to say about this game, even though it was fairly short. It took me about three hours and some change to get the title screen and credits. But this does not make it a bad game. There is a new game plus mode where you can choose from harder difficulty, no roll or sprint and even a permadeath setting.

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Running from Titan fight to Titan fight is great fun, and the fact that you only have one arrow and must retrieve it after every shot makes you take that shot carefully. I highly recommend this game, especially if you are looking for a challenge. It really is fun and has some serious replayability. You WILL get angry that you missed that shot that should have been a kill, and you will cuss A LOT. But when you finally beat that Titan, it’s all worth it.

My final Kill/Death ratio.

My final Kill/Death ratio.

I only hope that the dev team will add more Titans for me to slay. I’d pay for some DLC. I bet you would too if you play this game.



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